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Saturday, March 25, 2006
German keyboards
When I visited Germany, I went to an Internet café to e-mail my sister, Katie. I was quite surprised to find that certain keys are in different places on German keyboards. In particular, the Z and Y are reversed.

This resulted in fascinating conversation such as "Oh, mz, I don't know if I can tzpe on this kezboard." It just took too long to correct everything, as I was on a time limit. (Insert another euro please!) So I gave up. Ever since, we've had fun inventing important messages with my "German typing accent". We've come up with these so far:

  • I had a sozburger and some coconut zogurt. Zum!
  • I was verz sleepz but the dogs kept zipping all night.
  • Bz the waz, remember how happz I was with that fluffz zellow sweater?
  • Sadly, razon is not as washable as I thought. I could just crz!

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