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Saturday, April 01, 2006
My son, who plays with sharp objects.
It's wonderful having a son who's into martial arts, especially if you're a writer. Last night, I was stymied while writing a troublesome fight scene. Then my son Kevin happened to walk into the living room.

"Honey," I said, "let's say a monster appeared behind you, and wrapped its tentacle around your throat. What would you do?"

Kevin stopped, one foot frozen in mid-air. I don't know what he'd been planning to do, but he discarded it instantly, as he always does to the questions like these. What boy wouldn't?

"Do I have chain mail on, or armor?"

"Just a gorget, and leather armor. But you're a good fighter."

"Oh. Well, I'd grab my sword--"

"No sword. And you have to die at the end."

"Well, then, I'd grab my dagger, and spike up behind me like this . . ."

In no time, he'd fleshed out quite an involved battle, ending with a backflip off the castle wall, all of which he managed to demonstrate. --In spite of the fact that our living room doesn't have a castle wall.

"Great honey. Could you do it again in slow motion?"

Unfortunately, as fights involve more than one person, he can't always do the choreography on his own. I have to keep reminding him not to hurt his mother. Once he moves out, I'm going to have a really rough time. Thank heavens for unlimited phone calls between family members!

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  • At 11:11 PM, Blogger Must Love Goblins said…

    I've taken both fencing and karate, and I think it only makes writing fight scenes worse, lol. Somewhere in Vigilante, I have two paragraphs where Tasha gets out of a wrist grab. Do I really need to say more than she twisted her wrist and escaped? Probably not, but but... I know what to do and I want to explain it exactly. :P

    That said, it is great to have a resource. I don't care much for reading fight scenes (believe it or not), but I can't stand it when people are vague about them.

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