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Saturday, May 13, 2006
What would YOU do with a caricature?
I've had a great time lately entering a contest on a website for a trio of caricature artists. They ask "Why do you want to win a caricature?" The "most witty answer" will win a free caricature.

I haven't won, of course, but it's been a lot of fun dreaming up answers. Mine are too far out, and a lot are just plain silly, but they were fun to write. A few of my contest entries (remember, they've already seen these):

**So I can finally honor my fans by having a decent picture on my pro baseball cards

**I've heard that Egypt is giving their Sphinx a face-lift. As a helpful gesture, I thought I'd give them a model of me to go by.

**I need a caricature as a replacement for my mirror. Every one I've had cracks when I walk by.

**Because it's the only possible way for me to experience life as a flying monkey!

**Because getting a caricature is the fastest weight loss program around. You're almost two-dimensional in no time!
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