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Saturday, March 25, 2006
German keyboards
When I visited Germany, I went to an Internet café to e-mail my sister, Katie. I was quite surprised to find that certain keys are in different places on German keyboards. In particular, the Z and Y are reversed.

This resulted in fascinating conversation such as "Oh, mz, I don't know if I can tzpe on this kezboard." It just took too long to correct everything, as I was on a time limit. (Insert another euro please!) So I gave up. Ever since, we've had fun inventing important messages with my "German typing accent". We've come up with these so far:

  • I had a sozburger and some coconut zogurt. Zum!
  • I was verz sleepz but the dogs kept zipping all night.
  • Bz the waz, remember how happz I was with that fluffz zellow sweater?
  • Sadly, razon is not as washable as I thought. I could just crz!

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Sunday, March 19, 2006
My multi-function cat

My cat, Kerwyn, has become a doorbell. Or possibly, he's just a butler for the dog. I'm not sure. See, Kerwyn's a bit of a flake, the sort of housecat that takes two years to discover the possibilities of a warm lap.

He's not very talkative either, which is why it surprised me that two months ago, every evening at nine, he began meowing and leading me to the back door. Coincidentally, the dog was at the back door every time. Hmm... So, I let Rikki in, and the cat ignores us both, just sitting there licking his paws.

After several days of this, it finally clicked. When the dog comes in at night, I give the dog a treat. And when the dog gets a treat, of course Kerwyn gets a treat, too. After all, it's his house. Somewhere in that sweet, convoluted brain of his, point A connected to points B and C. 'Make her let the dog in, and I get a treat.'

So you know the truth: I CAN be trained!


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